Round Rock Invitational

October 27, 2018


Location:  Micki Krebsbach Pool - 301 Deepwood Drive, Round Rock, TX 78664 behind Round Rock H.S. 

Departure: Leave Austin High via bus @ 6:00 am

Warm-ups: TBD

Meet Start : 9:00 am

Meet End :  4-5:00 pm (its an outdoor, 8 lane pool)

Return:  Austin High around 6:00 - 6:30 pm

TRAVEL: The bus will depart at 6:00 AM from Austin High School in the west side pick-up lot near the athletic wing of the school. I would pack a breakfast, but if we get off to the meet quickly, we will make a quick stop somewhere for breakfast near the pool.

TIMERS:  1 timer - Please sign up at the top of the page under TIMER VOLUNTEERS.

GOODIE BAGS:    Please sign up at the top of the page under SNACK VOLUNTEERS.

HEAT SHEET:   See link at the top of the page.  

RELAYS:  Swimmers will find out relays on the bus. We only have 2 relays (A & B) , so there are not as many relays as past meets.

It has been a tradition at the Round Rock meet for all swimmers to donate at least two canned good items. All the food will be donated to the Round Dock Serving Center.  Please bring your two canned good items in either a bag or a box and bring them on the bus. I will not let you on the bus without your canned goods.

Swimmers please make sure that you have the following items for the meet:

1.      Two nonperishable food items

2.      Suit

3.      Goggles (2 pair)

4.      Towels (I would say at least 3)

5.      Sunscreen

6.      $ for food and drink or bring your own food and drink (bring a water bottle)

7.      Team shirt and any other team gear you have

8.      A portable chair would be helpful

9.      Anything else you deem important

For parents and other non-swimmers who are planning to attend the meet, seating is limited so you might want to bring your own chairs. 

There will be a concession stand available during the meet. 

MEAL: We will probably order Freebirds box meals for a late lunch. Stay tuned for those details. 


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