McCallum Dual Meet

October 17, 2018

AHS Swimmers Congratulations on the win against McCallum.

Results have been posted on the link above. 

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We are competing against McCallum HS in a dual meet Wednesday evening, Oct. 17 at the UT Swim Center. We will leave Austin High at 5:45 PM and return around 10:00 PM. It will be a very fast meet. Warm-ups will start around 7:30 PM and the meet will start around 8:00 PM. It should end around 9:30 PM. It will be a very quick/short meet, hour and a half tops (shortest of the season). I do not want swimmers driving themselves to and from the meet. I would like us all traveling as a team.


We are leaving Austin via school bus at 5:45 PM. We will eat on Varsity Pizza near the pool, then head to warm-ups. Swimmers need to bring their own money for this meet. I would say about $10 to be safe. We will return to Austin High around 10 PM. 



Except for the timers and photographer, parents will not be allowed on deck. 



Please report on deck around 7:30-7:45. 


Sorry, last minute, but UT Swim Center will allow us to have one parent photographer on deck. So, we need a photographer who will take pictures and will be able to send them the next day to Tanya Michalski via your dropbox account and share the folder with  Please let me know if you are able to be our photographer tonight. As a reminder all photos/videos can always be sent to for website posting



This will be our fastest meet of the season (hour and a half or less) in terms of length. We are combining girls and boys heats in these events: 200 Medley Relay, 500 Free, and 400 Free Relays (Girls in Lanes 1-4 and Boys in Lanes 5-8 or vice versa). 1 Heat of each girls and boys of the 200 Free, 200 IM, and 200 Free Relays. Max of 2 heats of each boys and girls in all the 100s (Free, Fly, Back, and Breast). And a bunch of 50 Free heats of both girls and boys (we had unlimited entries in the 50 Free only). Instead of event #s, swimmers should know which events are before their events to stay in tune with the meet. Swimmers are not going to have time to do anything else, except pay attention to the meet. Our Friday Georgetown meet and A&M Consolidated Dual meets will be fast ones too.



Yes, we still have practice the mornings of both meets this week. We only had one practice last week (and shortened by the early release bell schedule), so we are still making up for that. Tomorrow should be cold, but the pool is heated. Just so you know, ASC's rule is that the pool temp and air temp (meaning they use the windchill temp) is 100 degrees or over, it is OK to swim. So pool temp could be 78 and air temp 22. We swam in some cold temps last winter. Good thing is, unless it is super dry outside, the district doesn't like us swimming in temperatures well below freezing, so our magical number is below 30 for us, unless its wet outside than anything below freezing, I do not want swimmers driving. Remember they've debunked the myth that you can "catch a cold" from being out in the cold. But you can feel sorry, for volunteer coach Sarah and I! We are the real ones freezing during our cold practices. The swimmers are in 77-80 degree warm water!



Before, during, and after meets, this can be difficult with such a big team. If you have a special circumstance in which you cannot ride the bus to and from the meet, do not assume I remembered. Parents, do not assume your child told me. Swimmers, do not assume your parents told me. Please feel free to keep reminding me in person and email/Remind text. When there are a bunch of you with "special circumstances" it is hard to keep track and we end up waiting on the bus for someone who has left the meet with their parents. It is expected that you ride the bus unless you have a conflict that has been well communicated to me. If your parent is at the meet at the end, that can be OK to drive home, but also needs to be well communicated to me. Also, remember that it is expected to stay for the whole meet and cheer on your teammates.



A few things I found out about parking...You can use the state lot that is on the SW corner of Trinity and MLK (across Trinity from the UT Parking Garage).  It is free after 6:30 PM, but often fills up with water polo swimmers (they practice late at UT).  The Trinity Garage just south of the swim center is available.  Check the UT Parking Information web site for rates.  If anyone by chance has a UT parking permit of any kind, there are spots on Trinity and behind the swim center that are available after 5PM.


There is also street parking south of MLK on San Jacinto and Trinity (and other connected streets). Might be free that time of night.  Almost all street parking North of MLK is by permit only - people will get ticketed. 


Coach Calver