King & Queen of the Springs

Friday, September 21st is the King and Queen of the Springs Race! The swimmers will meet at Deep Eddy at 6:50 am. They will run from Deep Eddy crossing Town/Lady Bird Lake via the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge to Barton Springs (approximately 3 miles). The swimmers will then swim from the west end of Barton Springs to the east end and back (a little over 1/8th of a mile).

Attached is a map of the running route. Short explanations of the 4 labeled points on it:

1. Start at Deep Eddy

2. Lamar Pedestrian Bridge

3. After you cross footbridge: Go Left!

4. Merge Right over Zilker Zephyr train tracks toward main entrance of Barton Springs.

     There’s no sign, you just need to look out for the train tracks.


All swimmers will bring all of their stuff to Deep Eddy. We will need volunteer parents who will pack their cars with the swimmers bags and drive them over to Barton Springs. When the swimmers arrive at Barton Springs they find their bag then quickly head into Barton Springs for the swim (swimmers should have their suits on under their running clothes). The first guy finished is crowned the King and the first girl finished is crowned the Queen!

After the race, the swimmers will use the showers and locker rooms at Barton Springs. We will have breakfast tacos, juice, and water on the picnic tables outside the entrance to Barton Springs. Swimmers need to bring $5 to me early next week (or tomorrow/Friday in my classroom before the practice run) if they want breakfast tacos, otherwise you will have to provide your own breakfast. We could possibly use a parent volunteer or two to drive the swimmers back to school around 10:00 am. Lots of swimmers choose to walk the hike-and-bike trail back to school, especially if it’s a nice morning. The swimmers just need to make it back to their 2nd period class on time. We usually get back to school in plenty of time to spare. I want all swimmers participating!


Parents come to Barton Springs (admission into Barton Springs is free if you come before 8:00 am) to cheer on and watch the swimmers and hang out with us afterwards at breakfast. Come enjoy the morning with us! Breakfast might be around 8:15-8:30 or so.

Swimmers make sure all of your stuff is inside a bag or bags, so the volunteer parents can easily put your bag(s) into their car to drive it over to Barton Springs. Swimmers that do not want to bring two bags (school backpack and swim bag) can swing by the school by 6:40 at the latest and drop their school bag off in my classroom before we start at Deep Eddy.