January 19, 2019


Location:  Texas School of the Deaf - 300 Elizabeth St., Austin, TX, 78704

This is the address of the TSD ELIZABETH ST. GATE entrance, once through the gate, follow “PARKING” directions (and SWIM MEET PARKING SIGNS ON CAMPUS):

Arrive: 7:30am

Warm-ups: 7:55-8.15am (Lanes 1-4)

Meet Start : 9:00 am

Meet End :  12:30pm

Meet entries have been sent out to swimmers.   Swimmers need to consult with the Coach before and after each of your swims. 

Cheer on your teammates. Swim best times. HAVE FUN!

TRAVEL:  No bus will be provided. Provide your own transportation.   Please note that on the TSD Campus Road, the normal way you would drive to the pool is now blocked.   There will be ORANGE CONES + “SWIM MEET SIGNS/ARROWS” directing you to the POOL + PARKING (as you will be driving nearly full circle on the campus road COUNTER CLOCK-WISE til you arrive at the SOFTBALL FIELD, then either TURN RIGHT to park on the outside curb by FB Field or TURN LEFT to find available PARKING SPACES), then walk to the track flagpole (pool is at the flagpole).

TIMERS:  2 timers needed

TIMELINE / HEAT SHEET:    The timeline and heatsheet will get emailed out as soon we receive it. Which may not be until the last minute.

RELAYS:   Relays have been sent out via email, but still subject to change. Check with the Coach when you arrive to pool.

MEALS:   I recommend bring snacks since the meet could go as late as 1:00 pm and we are not having a meal delivered for this meet. 

Swimmers please make sure that you have the following items for the meet:

1. Suit

2. Goggles (least two pair)

3. Swim cap

4. Towels (about three)

5. All Team Gear: uniform/sweats, t-shirt, backpack, & parka

6. Any other items that you deem important.  It will be cold outside bring warm clothes to change in after. 

Don't forget to send your pictures to austinhighswimming18@gmail.com